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Murals & Trompe L'oeil - for all !


Unique wall murals - decorations - for for homes and businesses

I have created Murals & Trompe L'oeil  -  in a variety of locations, subjects & mediums.  -

Not Just for Children ! - BBQ Areas - Swimming Pool Areas - Use your imagination -

Secret Gardens, Windows or Half Open Doors - with Landscapes, Sky, Foliage, Floral..

Matching Marble,Wood,Granite,Piedra,Lava Rock,Sand,Water,Foliage ! ( Whatever !)

Disguise of Ugly Architectural Features - Plumbing, Wiring etc etc.

Blend a wall or door to your surroundings - Use your imagination - It can be done !

Secret Gardens & Rooms for Children....& Teenagers .. with their favourite interests 

Quotations can be surprisingly affordable - I can offer artwork, decorative help & advice - within your budget  .. Or offer a quotation for - the more detailed commisions -

Scenes can include human figures & animal figures with backgrounds 

I can work on location - However - I can  also complete the Artwork in my studio on light timber or MDF sheets or Canvas & install it on location. This option is usually more cost effective & less disruptive & also offers the benefit of being able to relocate the artwork - if it becomes necessary.

Please continue to browse my site & view all my diverse artworks 

Trompe L'oeil - French term meaning “deceives the eye”, 

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